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Guide encourages young people to vote

A colourful interactive guide to the House of Keys General Election has been produced by the Department of Education and Children (DEC).

It's hoped the guide will encourage young people to make sure their names are on the electoral register and turn out to vote on 22nd September.

The guide will be available in secondary schools, at University College Isle of Man (UCM) and at Youth Service projects and features information on how to register to vote, why getting involved is important and a guide to the constituency set-up. There are also sections on what makes the Island great and the rich heritage of parliamentary democracy on the Island.

In the Isle of Man, young people can vote at 16.

Joel Smith, School Improvement Adviser with the DEC, said: 'When encouraging people to shape the future of the Island, it can be hard to reach young people.

'The message to young people is that the Island's future is in their hands and the only way they can ensure their interests are represented is by casting their vote on September 22nd.'

Students can apply to be added to the electoral register by requesting a registration form from the Electoral Registration Unit at Government Offices – ring 01624 685754, email or visit

To be included in the next update of the electoral register, the form must be returned by 17th June 2016.