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Young people have their say via survey

Youth survey presentation

Services for young people will be shaped by the results of a survey that attracted a big response.

The Youth Trust, a newly formed independent charity, conducted the biennial survey of 11 to 18-year-olds in November and December.

The survey comprised 50 questions relating to schooling, leisure, health, social attitudes, lifestyle choices and wellbeing. Some 1,370 young people took part.

The charity will report the findings to the Children’s Services Partnership, which is made up of Government Departments that work with young people, organisations providing care on their behalf, plus the voluntary/charitable sectors.

Professor Ronald Barr, Chief Executive Officer of the Department of Education and Children, said: ‘The partnership will study the findings from 2015 together with trends we have seen unfold since the survey started in 2011.

‘The partnership is committed to listening to the voice of young people, who can help us to shape the services we oversee.

‘This survey is not the only way we obtain the views of young people but it is an important tool because it gives everyone aged 11 to 18 a chance to make their views known.’

Those participating in the survey had the choice to opt into a prize draw.

Yesterday, Professor Barr presented Sophia Taylor with an Apple watch and Jaye Radcliffe with an iPad Mini.

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