Our Projects

Youth Voices

Helping young people to be heard and contribute to conversations about things that may affect their lives.

This project empowers young people to express their views and share their stories to the very people who can make a real difference to matters affecting their life.


Young people living in the Isle of Man

  • Encouraged and inspired to try new activities;
  • Informal education about relevant and current matters;
  • Lifeline directory of Government and third sector agencies in one place.

Professionals working with young people

  • Training resource to understand topics and matters affecting young people;
  • Referral toolkit listing both Government and third sector agencies;
  • Toolkit can be ‘accessed anywhere’ and easily referred to young people.

Parents of young people

  • Reassurance that plenty of enjoyable and niche activities are available;
  • Reinforced opinion of the Island being an attractive place to grow-up;
  • Referral toolkit listing both Government and third sector agencies.


“There’s nothing for young people to do!”

This phrase is used all too often by young people and adults alike without merit; the Island has plenty of things to do, places to go which are inclusive to young people and cater for a wide variety of interests in both structured and unstructured formats. A comprehensive on-demand lists of things to do, places to go would somewhat assist in clearing this myth or at least provide a resource for parents and professionals to challenge the myth while encouraging and inspiring young people to try new activities.

Lifeline directory in a time of need

The Isle of Man is fortunate to have a wealth of resources available for young people however sometimes it’s hard to understand which resource to contact for a particular matter and in some cases the resource remains undiscovered. In a time of need; accessing this information quickly could have a dramatic impact on the matter that young person is currently experiencing and speed up the process of being referred to the appropriate Government department or agency.

Professionals working with young people

Most professionals working with young people have a good understanding of resources available however this understanding has usually been formed through years of practice leaving gaps in their knowledge about newer, modified or elapsed resources – particularly for areas in which they have limited requests on a regular basis. Having access to a centralised directory could assist professionals in providing the most updated advice on referral agencies and assist with their continued professional development by refreshing their knowledge of local resources.